Friday, July 31, 2009

end of an era - or not

It’s traditional on blogs that after a hiatus in posting one announces that it’s over. Kaput. Finished. Dead. Old art form no longer relevant. The well of inspiration has dried up. There’s nothing new left to say. Others are doing it better. Life is too short too blog. Some mysterious affliction prevents one from tapping the creative key tapping juices. 

Then after a month or so one announces a return. Without any real explanation but by actions naysay the whole previous rationalisations. So here I go..…..

Nah stuff it. I’ll quasi stick around.

I’m off to Aberdeen on Sunday for a week. Where the current summer temperatures are exactly what we are having here - 16C plus rain. Touring the whiskeries, driving up to Braemar. Then doing a spot of workish stuff and going to see my one of my brother’s bands play at a CĂ©ilidh  or two and a 60th birthday for a singer, this guy, then off to Ireland for a week then over to Netherlands for a week of bicycling around rural areas and Amsterdam and another spot of workish lunching in Rotterdam.

I might post about it or not.

See yas