Monday, June 28, 2004

Frank's Poetry

Although Frank doesnt see it as a blog his pages are very much like a well written blog. At the very least its the best blog done as poetry. Frank is my friend. Read his poems and let him and me know what you think. Frank Faust Tales of Faust

Taxi Writing

I generally enjoy Adrians blogging about the people he meets on his cab rank. He is writing better and better on the human flotsom and jetsom that is too often forgotten. His recent piece Dirty Money on wins, windfalls, tips, how money is earned shows a maturity of style that gets better everyday. As I mentioned Tom Waits comes to mind.

First Post

I just realised that I now regularly read more than a few blogs. A few years ago most blogs were just like most home pages in the early days and I couldn't see much point or interest in reading them. In addition I usually prefer to read a book, magazine or newspaper than to read on screen. Then I gradually realised that there were some things online that just weren't available off line. For a while I would read Arts & Letters Daily then I started to read Quiggin in the Australian Financial Review and he started up a blog and I started reading it regularly.

Then I gradually built up a list of blogs, mainly Australian, that I read on a semi regular basis. So I decided to join the throng.

I feel flat. I am flat. I'm sure I'm getting the 'flu. I'll watch Fat Pizza then go to bed and start again tomorrow.