Monday, September 20, 2004

flat foot floozie flim flam floogle

A Personal MacVouty Memory - Jim Calvagna

As to Slim what can I say.

It was back in 1952 I was taking a date to Birdland. Usually when I went there I sat in the bleachers over by the bar where there were no tables etc. (i.e. the low rent district ) which Slim affectionately called Wino Junction. Since I had a date, I had to show off and sit at one of the tables on the expensive side (there was a $3.00 minimum per person).

As we came in Slim was playing, when he spotted us he played the first few notes of "Here comes the bride'" and nodded his head yes. I shook my head no. This was repeated several times.

When the tune finished, Slim announced:

" We would like to dedicate this next number to our newlyweds here spending their honeymoon at Birdland. What a drag! If that was me I'd go somewhere and lock the vouty and throw the reeney away."

A few years later we were married, we still are, but we will always remember Slim's dedication.

A few days later I was walking up Broadway and here came Slim the other way.

As he neared me I said:"Mac Vouty!!"

Without missing a beat he responded: "O rissimo reeny!"

FX says: How hip can a cat get?