Friday, December 02, 2005

come back again, I'm just crazy 'bout you ..

There was a time when a Prime Minister didn't fawn over cricket yobs and had style in clothing and taste in music.

On reading this I wondered if he had some Quad ESL's but they are not American. He is probably misled about Class A amps and possibly deluded about DACs but I have fallen in love all over again after seeing this bit of delightful hifi nerdery:

"..took 15 years to find the perfect sound system..",

"I started with the speakers, by an American Armenian. They're not directional speakers, they don't hit you, they go round you. Problem was it was very hard to drive them. Years later I found the only A-class amplifier built, the Gryphon, and I've got a digital analog converter. It's a knockout sound, makes your hair stand up. Not good for home units, not good for neighbours"

From: Dividends of a fervent listener: Paul Keating, the only PM to have appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, The Financial Review 28/11/2005