Tuesday, January 10, 2006

hunka hunka

From news.com.au:
A WOMAN who allegedly stabbed her partner overnight after he repeatedly played an Elvis Presley song will face a West Australian court today. The woman will appear in a magistrate's court in Northam, 97km north east of Perth, charged with unlawful wounding, WA police said.
Officers will allege the woman stabbed her 35-year-old partner with a pair of scissors during an argument over him playing Burning Love over and over again.
The man was treated at Northam hospital for lacerations to his head, back and legs, police said.

The song, recorded in 1972, reached No 2 on the US charts and contains the lyrics:
"The flames are reaching my body. Please won't you help me. I feel like I'm slipping away. It's hard to breath. And my chest is a-heaving ?"

The song's chorus is:
"I'm burning a hole where I lay.
"Cause your kisses lift me higher.
"Like the sweet song of a choir.
"You light my morning sky.
"With burning love"