Thursday, August 17, 2006

goofer dust, mojo hands and conjure bags

A normal crisis for bloggers is to hit writer's block or blog constipation or to call a halt or a hiatus.

Afflicted bloggers spend hours at the crossroads around midnight uncrossing and jinx-breaking and also searching around the backyard by candlelight trying to find that buried bottle spell, perhaps stealing into a functioning prolific blogger's abode and purloining a chunk of John the Conqueror Root or some gris-gris. Mostly the zombie blogger just mopes around, occassionally feeling hesitantly with one hand above doorways, hoping to stumble over the lost mojo bag.

Others just keep quiet when they go quiet and hope no one notices.

Some announce a halt then bounce back less than a week later with more posts than you can poke a USB stick at. It's a funny old world.