Monday, November 20, 2006

john howard's humour

I know this is old news but I haven't stopped smirking since I read it.

Bono let it be known that he would like to meet with John Howard. Howard, not unreasonably, said he was amenable to meeting with him if a formal request was made. Bono responded by saying he would only meet with John Howard if he agreed to increase Australia's foreign aid to 0.7 of GDP.

Howard replied: "I don't accept preconditions from anybody. I don't commit in advance to businessmen in this country and I certainly don't do it to - much in all as he's high-grade - Irish entertainers."

Irish Entertainer - really cracks me up whenever I see a picture of Bono and his glasses. Especially given the scorn with which the "modern" ones like Bono hold the old
Irish Showbands.

So now whenever I see Bono I think of Irish entertainers like Daniel O'Donnell who was accurately unfairly portrayed as Eoin McLove in Night of The Nearly Dead episode of Father Ted.

Irish Entertainer - Thank you, John Howard.

Photo of Irish entertainer - Mr Bono