Tuesday, December 05, 2006

call me kev

Having had my observational skills sneered at by inner city tree hugging green voter, dreadlocked hippy and well known Milne imitator wbb over at Lava Lamp Prose, I offer the following proof of keen eyesight. Not to mention proof of a keen sense for sartorial sins.

Exhibit 1
20 things you need to know about Kevin Rudd, The AGE, December 3, 2006

19- Bespectacled and intellectual, Rudd does not come across as a typical Queenslander, but he does wear RM Williams boots: "Always have done."

Exhibit 2
Rudd and a woman not his wife pictured recently.

Exhibit 3
Close up of The Ruddster's Footwear

My trained eye* tells me the footwear of choice is a well worn pair of RM Williams Craftsman Veal as pictured below. A Top of the Line Dress boot. Luxury French Veal Calf leather, leather lined. Sewn welt leather soles with flat heels and individual protective moleskin boot bag for each boot .

Exhibit 4
The Craftsman Veal

Uncle FX says: Nothing wrong with RMs. But never with a suit.

* I have also noticed Kev wearing these boots in several newpaper photos not available online and on TV footage.