Saturday, February 17, 2007

progress report on weekly kpi's

Watching: Cheap Trick Live at Selena’s Sydney DVD 1988

Stopped watching: Dalziel & Pascoe - cos its jumped the shark into The Bill soapie territory from character driven stories.

Listening: Staples Singers collection and Handsome Family bone up for live concert next thursday.

Stopped listening to: WEST Lucinda - see my blog entry below.

Reading: Dummies Guide to Iran; Dummies Guide to Weightlifting and Strength training;
Bury Me Standing, The Gypsies and their Journey, Isabel Fonseca = A grand panorama of European Gypsydom, its histroy, its present condition and its future prospects;

Dying To Win, The Strategic Logic Of Suicide Terrorism, Robert Pape = looks at the facts, stats and concludes:
-suicide terrorism is NOT primarily a product of Islamic fundamentalism,
-the worlds leading practitioners of suicide terroism are The Tamil Tigers - Marxist-Leninist from Hindu families and
-all suicide campaigns have wide support and clear goals that are secular and political
FXH says read it.

Drinking: Little Creatures Pale Ale - very cold.

Eating: with above Little Creatures Gummy Shark @ $23 a Kilo crumbed in Moroccan spices and lightly grilled on each side with asian salad and ginger and lime juice.

Sitting / reclining : Under air con

Going to: Chinese New Year at Box Hill tonight to eat gyoza and Mo Pa To Fu and watch dragons and firecrackers and nightmarket.

Looking forward to: The Handsome Family Gig with The Flood opening and later on Ron Sexsmith, Dale Watson and I think I should also go see Lee Scratch Perry. And also The Australian Chamber Choir on March 3 and the Necks at Melbourne Town hall.

Loathing: Hot Weather

Fearing: Not Sleeping another sweaty greasy whisky priest night.

Texting: The daughter in Taiwan, 新年快乐 Happy New Year, on her way to Kyoto, Japan for a week