Friday, July 27, 2007

retail deceit or ignorance

A couple of recent retail encounters have left me bothered and bewildered but not bewitched. Some retail people are either willfully ignorant or simply liars.

The other week. Suburban shopping strip and hub.

Strolling into the OPSM eyewear shop I ask if they have any Silhouette rimless glasses like the ones I already have. Rimless, light, fold flat and will fold into a flat hard case that is light.

- “No. They don’t make then anymore”

Me quizzically: “You sure? I only got these last year and the latest range is on the web”

– “No they don’t make them anymore”. Ok then. Alright.

So I walk around the corner and up the block into another optometrist.

- “Sure – ones like you have now or would you like to look at the latest range?”

Today. JB HIFI.

“I’m looking for LightScribe writable blank CDs and DVDs”

– “Nope – you can only get them overseas. You’ll have to import them”

Me quizzically – “Oh Really”. Ok then. Alright.

So I drive down to Harris Technology and choose from amongst three different brands of Light Scribe Ready CDs and DVDs.