Friday, January 23, 2009

dopple or ganger?

Who I am?My name is François-Xavier (FX) and I am a French-speaking Swiss man living on the shores of Lake Geneva, an hour from France and Italy. I also speak Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and - obviously - English.

What do I do?
I do not cook for a living nor did I ever study cooking outside my home and a few 3-hours classes. My professional background is in finance/law and I deal with international clients. If you think that to cook is unbecoming a professional, this is not the right website for you. 

Why this website?
I am passionate about gastronomy and cooking and created this website to share my adventures with Internet users the world over.

What will you find here?
I publish two articles every week about spectacular, intriguing or very tasty recipes that worked for me. I don't report about the many failed recipes or uninteresting visits or bad restaurants I visited unless they are especially entertaining. Most dishes I cook and photograph never make it to here.