Tuesday, March 01, 2005

macquarie fields riots and societies spongers

There has been much discussion and attempts to tease out the causes of the recent riots at Macquarie Fields in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney.

There are substantial threads and ideas, to stimulate even the most reluctant commentators, running at
Troppo Armadillo and Catallaxy. Well worth reading and jumping in to comment.

We are all familiar with the idea that the bulk of the welfare burden, child abuse cases, single teenage mums and prison population in Tasmania can be traced back to just 30 families. Many solutions have been suggested from just giving each of these families a house of their own for life and a stipend of about $2,000 a week for life. All of which would be cheaper than the existing bill for the current Welfare Dependency. In addition a few hundred welfare public servant bludgers could be made redundant thus ensuring a sizable profit on the whole deal.

These sort of "problem families" do not exist only in Tasmania. Melbourne has its own problems.

I can reveal one family in particular,
whose husband shot through owing money, and refused to pay child support, now they are bludging off welfare, there is terrible family violence involving knives, legal squabbles, grandfather who allegedly died in the arms of a woman other than his wife whilst still married, one of the children driving whilst drunk and attacking police in public, once or twice, and using dodgy accounting to keep getting the pension.

Let get rid of these types who set a bad example, don't respect our laws, attack police, clog our law courts and can't get a proper job.