Thursday, February 23, 2006

bound for south australia

A birthday in Adelaide. Great catching up with people who flew in from Finnland, England, Flores and Melbourne.

Driving over and back by wandering routes I was struck by the ubiquitous nature of one of the
AWB's ventures Landmark, (no silly, not the shonky make money cult). They sell land, machinery, expertise, livestock and just about anything.

Too busy socially to visit bloggers like
Tim Dunlop, Saint and Pavlovs Cat. But even if I had tried to hook up with Gary Sauer-Thompson I would have missed him as he was in Melbourne.

I was puzzled by the very short cappuccino I was served at the
market when ordering a long macchiato. Young cool (ish) pony tailed black dressed male waiter seemed to be unimpressed when I said I was used to them different in Melbourne. Like long with a dash (streak / stain) of milk. I tested one out again the next day at a different place. The same. Seems as if thats how they do 'em in Adelaide. Thought I recognised the blue skirt and face walking toward me through the market so I said "Good speech on the RU486 debate " Amanda replied "Thanks" and smiled at me.

Having talked to the organ player I was going to see the band with the
Hammond B3 and Gretsch guitar at the Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton, (which apparently also has other attractions such as the Cougar Leather Club Leather/ denim/bears night 1st and 3rd Thursday each month from 9:00 PM) on Sunday at 5 pm but it got late and no one else was interested. A while back when I watched the documentary Damn Right I'm Cowboy I vowed to go one night to see The Hillbilly Hoot at Radio Three D and especially after talking to one of the cowgirls of the Hoot and Doco on Sat night at the party. I called in to 3D on Sunday to check out if the Hoot was on. Yes and a radio mate with me met an old radio mate there.We chatted radio and music for a while. Ended up leaving earlier Monday so missed the Hoot. Bugger.

While I was
in Adelaide they called an election. I kept being told the daily paper was a rag and it was.