Monday, March 20, 2006

artic monkeys - my arse

I've just upped 2 X MP3s of my offsprings band.

After a sell out gig at Bar Bushka in Smith St, Sons Of Mothers will be playing The Rob Roy and the Barleycorn and others.

very 'eavy, very 'umble but tight and enthusiastic, all originals - motto - "Go Hard Or Go Home"

Web site coming soon.

Grab March 2006 fresh and crusty demos for your pussyPod now :

Next track here soon: ....

Following David's advice I've lowered my standards. Here's track 1 done with VBR and lower top rate. Comes in at 4.5MB rather than 10.5 above. Make your choice. Given that most people listen on crappy PC speakers I'm guessing it doesn't matter much.

David has done a piece on Augie March and MOO and made me want to have a listen.