Wednesday, August 08, 2007

in the electric mist with confederate dead

Above: Buddy Guy as Hogman Patin in the film.
Further signs that things are generally on the up and up.  In addition to James Lee Burke having a new Robicheaux book out in USA [see post below] the second Robicheaux film based on In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead is in post production.

The first, and so far only film, is Heaven’s Prisoners a goldmine of bayou scenery and well cast
minor characters, but a huge flop in terms of Alex Baldwin miscast as Robicheaux and Kelly Lynch not quite as bad, as Dave’s wife.

This time around it already smells good. Tommy Lee Jones as Dave and Levon Helm and
Buddy Guy as minor characters. Sadly for us tragics no Clete. The director is Bertrand Tavernier so the Hollywood clichés that marred Heavens Prisoners are likely to be few.

The music, only nodded to in Heaven’s Prisoners, looks to be upfront and funky in this film. Buddy Guy, Louisiana born, plays Hogman Patin, the zydeco/bluesman who has info on two murders that Dave is investigating. The film uses Nathan Williams & The Zydeco Cha Chas to round out Hogman's Band.

Reports are of Buddy Guy digging the accordion and doing a zydeco version of "Stone Crazy"
and "Damn Right, I Got the Blues," as well as an original "Birthday Song" that Buddy wrote for the film. Word is that the obligatory extras that accompany all DVD releases will contain 3 or 4 live full songs that aren't in the film.

Below: Nathan Williams as himself with the Zydeco Cha-Chas