Sunday, August 19, 2007

rudd gropes stripper

I'm sick of these politicians.

Outflanked by Howard on the pork barrelling and throwing money at any project dreamt up by a rural town of less than 10,000 people Rudd and his spin doctors have cynically either constructed an "incident" out of two pots of light beer and a walk past a lap dancing venue or they have resurrected one of the total of three known occasions of Kev's actual and real nights on the turps and refashioned it, in a less than springsteenesque narrative of a subsequent stagger around the late openers and fleece joints around New Jersey.

The timing is suspicious - just when the average voter is getting truly jack of Kristian Kev and his Hillsong Happy Clappers- here we have, oh so conveniently, a concocted misdemeanour, which will turn out not to be a downer (nb: pun) but will turn out to be a fillip to Rudd’s poll rating. Watch the Opposition other mob led by Howard and Downer look pathetic while trying to land a blow, below the belt, so to speak and not succeeding. Watch the woman in the cul-de-sac at Caroline Springs shrug with a yes-it’s-a-bit-sleazy-but-so-what, into the “current affairs” camera and watch her eyes say “Perhaps he’d make an ok PM after all.”