Thursday, October 28, 2004

teenage dreams, so hard to beat

Famous radio presenter John Peel has died. Born John Robert Ravenscroft he worked in radio in the USA then in the mid 60's he returned to join the likes of the brilliant Kenny Everett in the heady days of pirate radio. He then joined the BBC and was influential in shaping UK musical tastes and as a knockon effect UK musical output, for a few generations and was a reminder of the days when radio presenters had some knowledge and love of music and played the music they liked or thought that they or the listeners might like.

To look and listen to a
Peel playlist is to be extended and see possibilities. Other than some community broadcasters these radio days are gone. Long gone.

Peel has always said his favourite single, and one of the best, of all time was
“Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones. I agree.

Peel had said he wanted a line from Teenage Kicks on his headstone : "teenage dreams, so hard to beat"

Another Peel quote I agree with: "...I never really thought Oasis were much good to be honest...."

Peel was in Dallas the day JFK was shot and at the site 45 minutes later then also at the press conference when they hauled in Lee Harvey Oswald.

Another BBC DJ Andy Kershaw, who might know, has placed him above Lennon & McCartney as the most important figure in the fifty year history of British rockmusic.

UPDATE: Limited time.The perfect single. Sublime guitar pop.
MP3 of "Teenage Kicks" here. Instructions. PLAY LOUD.