Monday, November 01, 2004

canaries cuties creeps cindies & cut rate cats - its jelly on the cuff

At the risk of appearing to be a girlie man and not the renown jazzbo, hep cat and finger poppin' daddio that indeedio I am-io, I am about to suggest that in this post election hiatus, while we are still sussing out "what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born", that what is needed is something like a Friday Cat Pictures Blog on Ozblogisthan.

Although it was percolating for a while, it is not an entirely original idea. I must confess I had occasionally peeked over at
feministe to look at her very cute cat, Pablo, sleeping in its (un) usual spot. Then David Tiley over at Barista posted the chart of status in blogging. [at the moment Mista Barista's comments aren't digitalising upwards].

Naturally cat pic posting is looked down upon by all. Then I happened upon a link to this
New York Times story about big time bloggers in USA posting pics of their cats on Fridays.

Let the posting begin next Friday.

I’ve got a feeling, a bit of an inkling, that this will lead to world peace, warm fuzzy feelings, love between bloggers, resolution of the Gaza strip problems, a cure for Yassar, reform in the Australian Senate, Tony Abbott turning all warm and cuddly and a resurgence of sales of incense and crystals.

Footnote: There is no way, abso-bloody-lutely no way, that I will be the one to suggest to the
Mrs Slocum of Oz blogging, Ms Fits, that she be the first to post pictures of her pussy on her blog. No way.