Friday, November 05, 2004

fat freddies first friday

Playing catch-up with the latest fads from other places today is the Cat Pictures Posting Day for the Australian Blog Community.

carol link over at the decidedly rural beezlebublog has posted pics of her earless polar bear cat with the euro sophisticated name of Yves plus Oedipus Rex.
karma kameleon of karma to burn promised to post pics of her rabbit.
Chris Sheil of Backpages doesn't like cats pics "I don't get the joke or don't like the custom, or both" but has been posting pics of his red kelpie.
Dirk Thruster is way too manly and all australian outback type to post cat pics but has posted a pic of his lizard that lives on the verandah and a romantic pic of a tractor.
Anthony at Spiceblog will most likely be cooking up a cat on a Korean charcoal BBQ with Star Anise and marmalade, sage and apple stuffing and drinking an obscure imported beer.
I anticipant darp will have a cat with shaved balls and a messed up bed hair look and tatts.
Ms Fits will probably just post another pic of her old dog Bob Ellis again.
Ken Parish from Troppo Armadillo will just plonk up a pic of an armadillo. Or perhaps a pic of C.L at the vets surgery.
Currency Lad will probably post a pic of George Bush's dog Or a photo of Ken Parish having surgery at the vets.
John Quiggin is simply too cool to have a cat or post a pic of one. He's a bright sort of guy who just might have a picture of Schrodinger's cat. Or at least an economic theory of the cat and the box.
Paul Watson will most likely have a rant about how baby boomers have denied young people jobs by posting cat pictures.
The cat all axy mob who by rights should have a cat masthead with that title will have an argument about the utility of posting cat pics.

Need more? Links to lots of animal blogs.

As cat pics surface I'll update:zoe at crazybrave has Mr Klaw (kool spelling and all)
Sedgwick has weighed in with cat mind reading.
ooooh feministe has more of the sink kitty Pablo today
I had thought that Yobbo would post a pic of a nude asian beauty instead of a cat. But no, ever the creative boy, he has posted a pic of an asian beauty (possibly nude) with a condom hat.

Late update: mallrat has posted a pic of a cat called Sunday who seems to be caught in a messy custody battle. I'm worried the Blackshirts might now get involved.

Even Later Updates: Lushlife over at Life is Like has posted pics of Grizzy and Sylvester.
Felix at anyresemblance
boyton has a non feline looking blue heeler called Flo
spud from craftapalooza

FX Orange Cat waving provocatively to Sheil's Kelpie

FX Black Cat sitting cool on Jukebox