Monday, November 29, 2004

keywords: in the know, good oil, the drum

Yesterday I purchased a Rabbit Talk Phone Card for $10. We use these type of cards regularly to call overseas family members. The card gives me just over 15 hours conversation to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan. A bit less to UK, Ireland.

Today I talked for an hour to Kaohsiung, [politics Kaohsiung incident, expat humour and here] Taiwan. Very clear trouble free call on normal dial up phone. Cost me a 22c local call through Telstra plus about 60 cents off my phone card for the hour. I paid Telstra 22 cents for the call.

If I had used Telstra to make the call on the same dial up phone it would have cost me $58.20.

I still have about 15 hours worth of calls left on my Rabbit Talk card that cost me $10.

15 hours of talk with Telstra would have cost me $873.00

It does help to know what is around in the market.