Tuesday, February 08, 2005

cornelia rau

No time. A short post.

Any time we take away anyone's freedom of movement and association we must also allow scrutiny of that action, and especially if the deprivation continues beyond a few days, by independent people or advocates for the detainee. We must also ensure that the person's health is maintained in a reasonable manner.

It doesn't matter if it is in a prison, a hospital, a refuge, a safe house, child protection, self protection, or refugee camp.

It doesn't matter if the person is sly, tricky, misguided, criminal, inarticulate, educated, uneducated, clever, wordy, well dressed, dishevelled, drunk, drugged or mad. Difficult and often dishonest people are mostly dealt with humanely and in a dignified way everyday in prisons and other places. We shouldn't have to wait until it seems as if it could be our own neighbour, sister, daughter or mother.

On another tack
1 & 2 newspapers allege that the name Ms Rau was using when arrested by police – Anna Schmidt – is a composite of the names of two other cult members who she met when involved with Kenja in 1998.

I believe
Kenja is an "official" enemy of Scientology. This usually means it is an offshoot or breakaway cult.

Kenja gains a mention in the book
Dangerous Persuaders: An Expose of Gurus, Personal Development Courses and Cults, and How They Operate in Australia. By Louise Samways

Also a mention in NSW Parliament by
The Hon. S. B. MUTCH: on Tuesday, 15 March 1994 - about halfway down the page.

"The document "Our Australian Freedoms are Under Threat" was issued by members of a group known as Kenja, which I have had a go at in this House. The principal of that organisation has been charged with serious offences. I shall refrain from talking too much about that organisation because of the sub judice rule and I do not want to do anything that might prejudice that upcoming trial. It seems, from the way members of that group are running around, they are becoming concerned."

A comprehensive list of issues and thoughtful discussion at
dogfightatbankstown and troppoarmadillo and Prof Quiggin and Northcote Knob and others as they come to hand. Currency Lad writes about Ministerial responsibility, and other stuff, with regard to this case. Naturally barista always has a shot of short black for the brain.