Wednesday, January 26, 2005

story for australia day

Dragster mum shocks police
By Lou Robson -
16 jan 05 - Sunday Mail
A QUEENSLAND woman caught drag racing along a busy suburban road at 144km/h in a 60 zone with three young children in the back seat says getting caught is her only regret. Rachael Weymouth appeared in Redcliffe Magistrates Court this week after being clocked doing 84km/h over the speed limit with children aged one, five and seven in the hotted-up car. Two of the children were hers, the other her sister's.

Weymouth, 27, from Margate in Redcliffe, was racing a friend, Michael Torrisi, 25, who had his fiance and 18-month-old child in his car, along Redcliffe's busy Anzac Ave when caught by police on a Sunday afternoon in December.

But Weymouth, who was fined $850 and disqualified from driving for six months, said her only regret was getting caught.

"The only thing I'm sorry about is losing my licence," Weymouth told the Sunday Mail outside court.
"Now we'll have to walk everywhere, but I'm not sorry because those kids were never in any danger."
In court this week, police prosecutor Senior-Constable Don Baille said Weymouth was racing Torrisi on Anzac Ave when traffic police pulled them over at 4.25pm on December 19.
Sen-Constable Baille said Weymouth was driving a Holden Torana and racing Torrisi when they both recorded speeds of 144km/h.

"(Weymouth) had a male passenger in the front and three children in the car in the back seat and Torrisi had a female passenger in the front and an 18-month-old child in the back."
The friends, who pleaded guilty to conducting a speed trial, said they'd just registered Torrisi's vehicle and were "going for a drive" when the incident took place.

Police then had to remove Weymouth's partner, who didn't want to be identified, from the court when he became abusive.

The man, who wore a Holden Racing Team shirt and cap, told the court the justice system was "f-ed".

Footnote: I'm guessing she's NOT
Tina Weymouth's sister. But you never know.