Monday, January 17, 2005

harping on a bit too much

This started off as a comment over at IRANT's site in response to his report of seeing Jeff Lang and Bob Brozman.

On Saturday night I saw Fiona Boyes at the Cornish Arms. I really only went just to meet up with an old friend who was going there. Fiona was playing with Chris Wilson's band and, unfortunately, Wilson himself. There was a table of 6. The meal was only $15 and ok, if a bit late and a bit large, and our first two choices were off the menu.

It was the 4th time I had seen Wilson and the last. I had persisted because amongst a lot of people down here he is always touted as great. Nope - he did it again. Played harp everywhere on every tune and as loud as possible. Might be ok as a Barnsey sideman at a plasterer's booze up. I can't see why people keep boosting him. I might just have caught 4 bad gigs but sheesh how many chances can you give someone. Fiona, on those brief moments when Wilson wasn't dominating, sounded as if she could do some tasty licks and generate a bit of fun.

So for most of the night I sat brooding on the last good gigs I'd seen there. Brilliant gig by
Brian Kennedy. I can't recommend Kennedy as a live performer enough. His records just don't showcase his talents. He was good enough for Van to have as second sweet voice live for about 5 years and on a few albums.

The other gig I had enjoyed at the Cornish not so long ago was
Red Rivers. I've only seen Red twice live. I'd drive almost anywhere to see him. Honky Tonkin' country rockin at its best. The real thing. Great songwriter. Go see him. World class. I think he spends time doing the European Country Festivals thats why he isn't gigging around.