Tuesday, January 04, 2005

tsunami sue amy sue me sue you

I’ve had many phone calls on the tsunami crisis many directly family related. All are glad our daughter is safe. All are worried. Most seem to understand our worry. The gap between what the daughter experienced over there and what we see here is enormous. Over there they are aware of it as if it is a bushfire in another state. Its not directly effecting them. Anyway she’s now out of Thailand.

Today a phone call:
Hi Francis?
Hello Gary
We were pleased to hear that Kathleen was ok
Yes so were we Gary
We prayed for her
God answered our prayers
We think God has special plans for Kathleen
Err - ahh yeah what about the 100’s of thousands killed?
He has special plans for those saved.
Ok. What about the others?
Well a lot of them were sex tourists and Moslems
What does god think about them?
God is merciful if you have personal relationship with Christ
Ok – look I think I have to go soon – thanks for thinking of Kathleen.
Yes we have to go – our prayers are always with her.
Goodbye – thanks for ringing
I wanted to ask why did god have special plans for a lesbian atheist with left wing politics but I’m too polite to relatives.

The phone skidded down the hallway into the back room across the wooden floor and stopped at the back door. It woke up the cat who went over to sniff it. In a movie I guess it would have splintered into a thousand pieces and provided some emotional release for me and the audience.
In this case the cat placed his fat paw on it and I picked it up.

It looks exactly the same.

It just doesn’t work anymore.