Tuesday, January 11, 2005

lets talk dirty in hawaiian and robert johnson

Click here for bigger clearer picture.

Robert Crumb who along with Harvey Pekar is my favourite record collector, nerdy hero and cartoonist*see below*has put out a brilliant series of drawings of blues artists. As part of this he has illustrated the story of Charley Patton.

Just bloody Amazing.

Crumb also has a great band called, naturally,
Robert Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders. I have a double live CD of their music I sing along loudly to. Mostly songs from the 20's. Bob Brozman plays with them.

Footnote: They don't sing
"Lets Talk Dirty In Hawaiian" but they should. It's a party favourite of mine.

*erratta* favourite cartoonist OUTSIDE Australia. Of course I meant
Sedgwick is my most favouritist cartoonist of all.

Late Update: As recommended by Nabakov and other commentors I grabbed the "Ghost World" DVD from the video store. I'm not familiar with the comic so the first half seemed a bit forced and didn't grab me but the film just got better and better as it flowed on to the end. I was so proud that I spotted the Cheap Suit Serenaders joke in the garage sale before I had even been told to look out for it by commentors. Thanks.