Tuesday, August 17, 2004

busy week already

Its only Tuesday and the week is already a disconcerting blur.

On the radio is Toots Hibbert singing "Maggies Farm" from the album Is It Rolling, Bob? an album of Bob Dylan songs by reggae artists. I prefer Bob doing his own raggae on "At Budakan". I still think Pressure Drop is one of the best songs ever partly because it always grabs me and partly because I don't think anyone knows what its about and partly because I remember reading an interview where Toots said he didn't know what it was about. But we all know what it means. I was out of the country when Toots was playing live here this year.

A bunch of idiots in the Labor party have come out in favour of internet filtering. Jason Soon uses this to point out "that Labor has been captured by the Wowser Left in the shape of reactionary Tory socialist Clive Hamilton".
Irene Graham of the Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc. (EFA) has a personal web site full of censorship history and facts about filtering.

UPDATE: Al Bundy, Prof Bunyip's milder nephew, has taken apart the Australia Institute's porn polemic far better than I could.

Why on earth has Scrafton undertaken the "lie detector" test? I thought he was travelling well until then. Back Pages has a few good threads on the matter.

On a brighter note. Amanda from Flop Eared Mule tells me that Todd Snider has a new album "East Nashville Skyline" with good serious content. I always knew he could do it. Great interview with Todd and Lone Star Music.

Oh and I discovered a wonderful 1957 piece by Roland Barthes on the Citroen Goddess. I guess in 1957 post modern was just modern.