Wednesday, August 04, 2004

flip flop and fly

Ooh what a roller coaster for the last few days.

Will he, won’t he, wait for senate committee, wait for inner caucus, wait for all in caucus. The awful awkward inevitableness of the backing of the FTA. Tonight I walked past the TV room and Kasey Chambers was on that Rove guy singing. Then someone flicked over and Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were on Lateline.

I had a flash and flicked back again, Kasey was singing, then back again. Julia was talking. My God. They could be sisters. Same face structure – if you squint a bit. Any way its suits me to see Julia as a political “axe” wielding Kasey, with a nose ring, a tongue stud and a few celtic tatts, a sense of history able to put a story across. She certainly blew Howard’s little Altar Boy off the stage tonight.

It also gave me a bit of hope. If Howard and his mob do hold out on the PBS amendment, which may well be unnecessary and unworkable, then going on tonights performance Julia and Mark can run the line that they aren’t spoilsports but just want to look after the battlers. Bad policy to sign but great politics. Lets the debate be out in the open but Labor not just being seen as negative.

Maybe Julia should try to roll Mark as soon as the election date is announced, renege on the FTA and become Godzone’s first woman PM by a whisker.