Wednesday, August 11, 2004

same till different hands

Centrelink worker helps people, does job well, repays money to taxpayers, gets 9 months.

Governor General does bad job, doesnt help people, gets $650,000 gift from taxpayers, repays nothing.

"Centrelink customer-service officer Angelo Alateras handed out more than $92,000 in unauthorised payments because he felt compassion for his clients, many of whom were homeless or drug users.

The court heard most of the defrauded money was recovered, and the judge made a reparation order to the Commonwealth for the outstanding amount of $29,122.83.
Judge Walsh sentenced Alateras to nine months' jail, but immediately released him on a $1000 good-behaviour bond and placed him on a two-year community-based order."

"Mr Butler, a 62-year-old former United Nations weapons inspector, was the highest paid vice-regal representative in the country. The payout takes his earnings for 10 months to about $1 million. Included in the deal is another month in Government House, Hobart, to settle his affairs, plus moving expenses."