Monday, July 12, 2004

authenticity in music

Andrew Ford wrote a good piece in Friday's Fin Review, the Centre bit, on Authenticity in Music. As I was reading it I was listening to a new cheapo CD, I have given the partner, of the great Hank Williams.

There is no question Hank is authentic. There is something haunting and uplifting about a voice like that that sounds as if it might be the voice of a 70 year old singing of his imminent demise. But largely its the voice of a 23 - 26 year old singing about his imminent demise. How does one so young sound so wise and soulful and bluesey and sing such a simple universal message that no matter when or where you hear him he reaches the soul.

He was born in 1923 and started with his band The Drifting Cowboys at 14, he had a huge bunch of hit records and died full of whisky, morphine and Vitamin B12 in 1953 "stretched out in the back of that big ole' Cadillac" His final hit was, "I'll Never Get out of This World Alive"

I recommend both Hank Williams and Andrew Ford. Andrew is heard on ABC Radio National at 10 am to 12 on Saturday Mornings - repeated later that night.

Ona sad Saturday night its easy to start singing the Austin Lounge Lizards song " I wanna ride in - the car that Hank died in - I wanna stretch out in the back of that big ole Cadillac"