Sunday, July 04, 2004

Kick Out The (strawberry) Jams?

The remaining 3 of The MC5 now touring reveal that far from being driven only by "militant politics, guns, communal living and ten-point manifestos", and Sinclair's White Panthers they were only in it for the fun. Guitarist Wayne Kramer shockingly reveals "what was really going on, certainly it was about sex. That's at the core of much of what rock 'n' roll is, why guys play in bands in the first place."

Well I never.

White Panther Party 10-Point Program
1. Full endorsement and support of Black Panther Party's 10-Point Program
2. Total assault on the culture by any means necessary, including rock n' roll, dope and fucking in the streets.
3. Free exchange of energy and materials -we demand the end of money!
4. Free food, clothes, housing, dope, music, bodies, medical care - everything free for everybody!
5. Free access to information media -free the technology from the greed creeps!
6. Free time and space for all humans -dissolve all unnatural boundaries.
7. Free all schools and all structures from corporate rule - turn the buildings over to the people at once!
8.. Free all prisoners everywhere - they are our brothers.
9. Free all soldiers at once - no more conscripted armies.
10. Free the people from their "leaders" - leaders suck - all power to all the people freedom means free everyone !
--John Sinclair Minister of Information White Panther Party November 1st, 1968