Monday, July 19, 2004

dating and dancing - objectively

The 70's rock trio Rush are still on the road. Influenced by Ayn Rand they adapted the storyline from Rand's novelette Anthem for the title track on their album 2112. Perhaps this explains Rush's music.
Need to know more about "Prog" rock?   Mike McLatchey has A Guide to the Progressive Rock Genres. That will tell you more than anyone ever wanted to know about genres within genres within a genre. 
This below is enough to make one laugh or at least smirk immaturely.  Capitalists par excellence, the Objectivists didn't secure copyright, one of their holy grails, for Anthem. Consequently it is available freely in full text and as a Palm download on the net. Don't bother. 
"To Whom it May Concern:
The copyright on _Anthem_, by Ayn Rand, was inadvertently not renewed in the United States during her lifetime.  However, _Anthem_ is still protected by the Berne Convention, which protects the work for the life of the author plus seventy-five years internationally.

By its nature the internet is an international medium.  The posting of _Anthem_ on the internet is therefore a violation of copyright, if done without the permission of the Estate.  In accordance with Ayn Rand's express wishes before her death, we cannot grant any such permission.

We would like you to remove this work from your site immediately.

Jenniffer Woodson Estate of Ayn Rand "