Friday, July 30, 2004

i got george jones on the jukebox and you on my mind...

Amanda over at the country music in Sydney blog Flop Eared Mule highlights a piece by Oz music writer Iain Shedden in praise and defence of country music.

Amanda makes an important point about narrative:

“People laugh, but I like country music for the same reason I like opera. I am a narrative junkie. Classical music I can appreciate, but opera I love and opera is classical music with a story. ......  And the stories trotted out in opera are no less corny than in any twang-soaked tears-in-my-beers number.”
Amanda goes on to make a few more points and take issue with some of Shedden’s sniffier hipster dismissal of some more popular artists such as "overnight success" The Dixie Chicks who first appeared on Prairie Home Companion in 1991. She also neatly corrects him on the Hank wasn’t appreciated line.

Both Shedden and Flop Eared Mule refer to an article on country by Polly Coufus at Real Country blog titled Proud of my country in a down-to-earth way.

Polly is the Editor of X-Press Magazine. Which bills itself as:  Australia's first and largest street press. The magazine is available for FREE at over 1000 outlets throughout WA every Thursday and X-Press has been on WA streets for more than 18 years.