Friday, July 02, 2004


Albert Langer, Michael Hyde and Kerry Miller have written a collective obit to Jim Bacon in The AGE 2 July 2004. Jesus - if poor old Jim the smoker had really thought what these turgid correct line old style lefties believe he would never have made it to Premier of the Harradine state. I suppose The AGE needs all the readers they can get but is there really more than about 5 old Marxist-Leninists left in Melbourne (or the world for that matter). Sadly its the sort of writing that makes Andrew Bolt look kinda literate. The piece says they have set up a web site but as of tonight they haven't managed to propagate the DNS or they have no content.

Albert of course runs the website I guess I would be corrected and be told that its actually a collective that runs the site. Albert is claimed to be Australia's first political prisoner.

Albert Langer and his fiancee Kerry Miller have a pic archived by Fairfax. The caption: Albert Langer and his fiancee Kerry Miller leave court on Lonsdale St, Melbourne, 1969. SMH NEWS Picture by STAFF Keywords: marxist, socialist, activist, activism. Categories: Crime/Law/Justiceare archived by Fairfax .

Its just above a pic of The Beatles at Festival Hall Melbourne 1964..

I suppose that's real fame.