Wednesday, July 14, 2004

digital death rattle

Who can resist a title like this: The Digital Death Rattle of the American Middle Class: A Cautionary Tale. by Dion Dennis.

It's about the twin spectres of increasing University fees and outsourcing / offshoring of knowledge workers.

"....large tuition increases are often bundled with escalations in class size, reduced course availability, and shrinking financial and infrastructural resources. [4] Combined with the concurrent neo-liberal political redefinition of higher education as a private rather than a public good, "sticker shock" one-year increases.."

.."....may well signify that elites are no longer willing to subsidize American public higher education, once they have gained global access, via digital communication networks, to cheap and competent intellectual labor.."
.."...Inexpensive global communication networks, combined with a younger, talented and low-cost global workforce will reduce the demand for native U.S. intellectual labor..."
"...If so, we are witnessing the digital death rattle of the American middle class, and an escalating and intensive restratification of the American class system.
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